Beards from below for president!!!!!!

I have not seen a single beard from below from a single presidential candidate this U.S.A electroprimary selection. This demands attention and inspection from all perspectives.


waaaaaait a minute here.

Whatchu talkin’ bout? Beards from below are not about politics, man. Beards from below about the people!


beardsfrombelow 052

This beard from below demands attention!!



This beard from below just sprouted right up!



Beard from below for president!



What’s cooler than a beard from below? A beard from below rocking a pair of shades from up above!



Can you believe what just popped up!?



This beard from below has the fighting spirit to win the game!



I can’t believe it!!!



Love! And beards from below. That’s what it’s really all about, right?


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