Frequently Asked Questions


Q: When did beards from below get so cool?
A: They have always been cool, you just never looked up.

Q: What is the meaning of life?
A: We don’t know, but it’s something to do with beards from below.

Q: I am a female with a beard, can I be on
A: Yes, does not discriminate.

Q: I can’t believe how many beards are in the gallery, where did they all come from?
A: Awesome people, with beards.

Q: how many bearded guys does it take to screw in a light bulb?
A: 2 one to screw in the light bulb, the other to take a picture of his (or her) bountiful beard from below

Q: Rumor has it that gives away free can koozies, how do i get one?
A: Visit and click on all of the google ads, then come back to and send us your beard. Then ask for one.

Q: What is beardsfrombelow.COM anyway?
A: It is the for-profit wing of We are hungry and need money for food.

Q: how’d this all get started?
A: Mr. Byron Gumz of Yakima Washington was the first, that we know of, to suggest taking a picture of a beard from below.  Robin Lee then made a fake website inspired by that idea.  And Jon Baker made a real website inspired by the fake one.  Much like the under-beard of a Junior in highschool has a very scattered history.

Q:  What’s my motivation to send YOU my beard from below?
A:  Fame. Glory.  Spiritual solace.

Q: knock knock
A: Who’s there?
A: A beard from below
Q: A beard from below who?
A: Don’t stand there! Quick, take a picture and send it to!

Q: Will my beard make girls like me more?
A: Probably.  If you show them it from below…definitely.

Q: Is there economic stimulus money available for my beard?
A: We are ironing out the kinks in that

Q: I don’t have a beard but I want to be on what do I do?
A: Grow a beard!

Q: I can’t grow a beard how am I ever going to get to be on
A: Can you borrow one from someone?

Q: What are your plans for the future of
A: We’d like to make a book someday, develop the “beardOs” a cartoon series featuring lovable beards from below, and get rich off from

Q: Who’s that beard from below belong to?
A: Often your guess is as good as ours….we like to think of them as being everyone’s beards.

Q: Why don’t more people have beards from below?
A: They are fools

Q: I’m nervous my beard from below will be sub par…do you have suggestions for making it more lustrous.
A: No beard from below is sub par, as long as it’s a beard and it’s below its worth trying.  Although I keep a good shine to mine by rubbing a raw egg into it every morning.

Q: Don’t you have anything better to do?
A: Don’t YOU have anything better to do JERK?

Q: What is your favorite part of doing
A: the people….and the beards…and the money and the bitches….hmmm, that’s a good one, we like everything about

Q: Would you consider yourself THE ULTIMATE EXPERIENCE?!
A: As far as beards from below, possibly, but in all actuality the most ultimate ultimate experience is

Q: Where do you find your beards?
A:  All over planet earth

Q: How does the bearded community accept you?
A: We have become synonymous with the bearded community.  Pretty much everyone that has a beard has one from below.

Q: Can you believe it?
A: just barely



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