beard from below!

Beards From Below Are With You

There is a lot going on in the world today. Beards from below just want you to know that we are with you. That’s right – we raise our beards up with you as one, no matter our differences. Un-kept beards from below, scraggly beards from below, grey beard from below, even ginger beards from below – you’re all welcome to join the brotherhood and partake in the adventure of facial hair perspective.

Just look at these fine folks!



This beard from below wears a hat. What a silly hat.


Wisdom from below!



This beard from below loves some mounds.



This beard from below raises up for the boognish.



As far as beards from below go this one takes the cake!



The ladies dig the partially shaven neck below the beard from below, i think?



Can’t decide where to stick your glowing ears? Above and below, of course!



There is a beard from below hiding down there, trust me.



Can you believe it??? Me either!


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