The fight against neck strain

If you are anything like me, your neck gets tired from flashing your beard from below all the time. What can we do? We gotta give the people what they want!

Well, here at beards from below . org we are all about safety first. here are a couple tips to avoid serious beard from below related neck strain.

1. Remember to raise your beard slowly, especially those with massive beards from below. You never know when a small child may be hanging from the bottom.

2. Only hold the the beard from below position long enough for everyone around you to check it out.

3. Never show your beard from below while driving a car. This is almost guaranteed to result in neck strain.

And don’t forget to wear sunglasses on bright days!




He’s got a pipe growing through his beard from below!


Immagine 320

This beard from below just blew my mind!



This beard from below means business!



This beard from below is like a wild animal!



Chicks dig it!


He’s got the devil in his beard from below!



Sweet beard from below man!


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