Growth of a beard from below

We have a treat for you today! The masterminds at beards from below . ORG have narrowed down the exact process required to capture the incredible growth of a beard from below. We have done this by receiving pictures from a dedicated reader. Amazing!




DAY 1: Decision to grow beard from below. The beard from below takes it from there.



Day 2: Outstanding beard from below growth! He’s certainly started the recommended daily egg & whiskey treatment.



Day 3: Wow, as true a 3-day beard from below as I’ve ever seen. This gentlemen’s  beard from below is thriving. People trying at home should quell expectations for similar growth. This is obviously perfect environment. 



Day 4: This beard from below just blew my mind!!!



So there you have it, stunning really.


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  1. What an awesome beard from below! I’ve been searching for such a website for years and i’m stoked that I finally found this!

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