Things are lookin’ up in January

It’s a new year! Happy 2013! My oh my how time flies. It has been busy around here at Beards from Below . ORG world headquarters. Don’t fret, the organization is on-track for continued success. I think you’ll agree when you see these beards from below!


beard 1

This beard from below is wild, man!



Can you believe it? A ginger partial beard from below!



This man may have been an astronaut!



I can’t even imagine how awesome life is for this beard from below!



Beards from below get all the babes.



Can you believe it!?



This beard from below just blew my mind!



Beard from below + Canada = POWER!


Dec 2012 2 017

Rumor has it this beard from below is wanted in 3 countries across northern Europe…. wanted by the ladies.


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