Things are sure looking up this fall!

Wow next think you know it’s getting chilly outside and the leafs are changing. Beards from below seasons are a little like south of the equator. When the cold sets in the beards spring up. It’s good, keeps you warm. And the ladies…


Check out this beard from below! I can’t believe it either!


This beard from below is ready to rock and roll!

phish-bfb 020

Sweet beard from below!

phish-bfb 054

Is that a beard from below creepin’ up in there!?

Photo on 03-09-2011 at 22.27

This is a valid picture of a beard from below!!!




Green man from below!!

phish-bfb 022

Everyone, welcome Steve from below!


Mt. Beard from Below!

my beard from below

This right here folks, behold the beard from below.



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