beards from below are a worldwide phenomenon.

Wow! Have you heard the news! Beards from below have hit the global scene in a big way. Whats-up Hungary! Lets tip one back with the Czech! And some fine, fine beards from below popping up in Wisconsin of the good ol’ USA. Can you image that!???

It’s just great to here from you from wherever you may be growing your beard. Thank you for being a part of this adventure in facial hair perspective!


That beard from below makes a nice chin cap!

Photo on 2011-07-17 at 18.03 #2

A very tidy beard from below.


A mighty impressive beard from below!


The bloombing ginger beard from below


Super Bowl Victory beard from below!!!


A relaxed beard from below leaning on the bridge.


This beard from below lives in the woods!


A beard from below with a happy surprise!


This beard from below popped up in a parade!


A wild beard from below on a wild man that drives the ladies wild, wild!


This beard from below just blew my mind!



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